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Residential Projects

Living Room Lighting


Every property looks magnificent with chandeliers. However, if they are not installed correctly, they could end up being a serious hazard. Since many chandeliers are heavy, installation must be done carefully to ensure their security and safety. Poorly installed chandeliers have been replaced by us frequently.

Outdoor Lighting

Weatherproof Fixtures

In the Tampa Bay region, outdoor lighting is a popular option that gives people more safety, curb appeal, and functionality for your Florida house. Due to their training as outdoor lighting installers, our electricians can assist you in designing and installing low-voltage outdoor lighting that will complement your home and give your landscape the look you’ve always desired.

Bedroom Lighting

Recess Lighting

Any space can look more modern with recessed lighting, which also gives a streamlined profile for your house or room. It maintains the appearance of a flat ceiling, enlarges compact living areas, and lessens the amount of clutter brought on by several hanging, floor, and table lamps. Recessed lighting will make any area look better and give it a sleek, contemporary feel.

Recessed Lighting

Commercial Projects

Indoor LED Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

You have most likely heard the case for LEDs over halogen and incandescent bulbs. Given that LEDs are more dependable, brighter, more efficient, simple to program and control, and emit less heat, it is difficult to make a case against them. While LED bulbs have long ruled the market, LED strip lights have recently entered the picture. They are a versitile form of lighting and are adaptable. With numerous variations and exceptions

LED Strip Lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Weatherproof Fixtures

Wall lighting is present in almost every business structure, and it is abundant. Building lighting, which ranges from flood lights to wall packs, is essential for providing a secure and warm environment for both visitors and staff. Customers have a positive initial impression of a business when it has a welcoming environment outside. LED lighting on a building’s side attracts attention and gives everyone a sense of security about the establishment.

Outdoor Commercial Lighting
Service Panels

Electrical Service

Every commercial electrical system that is necessary to maintain your business operating at its best can be installed and upgraded by our commercial electricians. We provide the commercial property owners with timely, high-quality services for their electrical needs throughout new commercial construction, remodeling, building retrofits, and electrical maintenance.

Service Change
Underground & Slab

Underground Electrical

As a commercial builder, you understand the importance of getting electrical services right. Installing underground electrical service can be tricky and it requires an experienced professional to ensure that everything is done correctly. At Boss Electric we provide the basics and knowledge of underground electrical service so that you can move forward with your project with confidence and expertise.

Underground Electric services


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